Here Anonymous
Dangerbird Records
ADDS 4/7/09

Feelings are easy. Abstract and ethereal, but they’re as natural as being alive – intuition’s second cousin. Giving those feelings a concrete voice, then, is the real fight. We’re all so very human. We possess a never-ending capacity for love, but we get nervous, we get lazy, we take each other for granted. We save sentiments for some other time. By then maybe it’s too late—maybe the object of your emotion has left your life for good. “Eulogies for me is not about talking about someone who’s dead,” says Eulogies bandleader Peter Walker. “It’s saying those things that someone would say only at that moment but wish they had said right now. That’s what I’m preaching to myself—don’t be quiet. I can’t survive down that road.” On April 7th, Dangerbird Records will release Eulogies’ full-length album, Here Anonymous. The music on the album imparts an intimacy of emotion that’s normally all too easy to shy away from. Everyone who’s ever loved anyone knows the process isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Eulogies’ songs struggle with broken-down communication, the weight of bad habits, the fear of being alone. That struggle is universal, and it’s presented within the music with a directness that’s both stark and beautiful.

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