Divine Sweater - Divine Sweater Presents: The Ten Year Plan


Divine Sweater uses lilting vocal harmonies combined with grooving synths and cheerful keys, creating a charming and playful single underscored by very honest and real subject matter.” – Indie Shuffle

“From their groovy sound to their catchy tracks and most importantly, their DIY ethos and passion for their own music, Divine Sweater’s sophomore album offers a snapshot of the unpredictability of young adulthood in flux, and it’s a real treat.” – Euphoria

“I Knew You Better is the lead single from the upcoming album Divine Sweater Presents: The Ten Year Plan by Boston-based band Divine Sweater. Clear to the listening, the track is a manifestation of simplicity and delicately emits pure delivery. I Knew You Better is likably catchy — all parallel perfectly by the crisp vocals bounded by lulling synths.” – Start Track

“The Boston group turned a true childhood tale into an exercise in fitting clarinet, cello, and French horns into the confines of an indie-rock tune. The result is a track that feels like tossing a window open on the first day of spring, and feeling a gush on fresh air flow indoors.” – Vanyaland

Divine Sweater is a band from Boston comprised of five friends with intersecting, but differing musical interests and inspirations. As a result, their sound is authentic and constantly evolving. The members include Meghan Kelleher (vocals), Sean Seaver (guitar, vocals, production), Chris Southiere (drums and vocals), Alex Goldberg (bass), and Stephen Lin (keys). They have built a following in Boston’s DIY community by playing countless shows in prominent venues (in addition to basements, dorm rooms, apartments, and backyards). In 2019, they self-released their debut album, Human Love. The album quickly found an audience online, receiving over two million streams on Spotify and garnering praise from The Needle Drop, Indie Shuffle, Allston Pudding, Vanyaland, and others. They also toured the east coast of the United States several times to promote the record.

Divine Sweater Presents: The Ten Year Plan is an album ripe with the anxieties of young adulthood: self-doubt, economic instability, social insecurity, and fear of impending doom. Throughout their twenties, they have each been asked countless times where they expect to see themselves in five to ten years. The album touches upon the ways in which they lie to themselves and to others about the economic, professional, and social plans they have in place. More importantly, it addresses the fact that plans, for the most part, are nonsense anyway because life is totally unpredictable. The songs tap into a few specific feelings: knowing you are living your life wrong, longing for a lifestyle that aligns with your passions, yearning for a fostering community, and doubting that any of these aspirations will ever even come to fruition. The album’s themes are best summarized by the chorus of “A Different Gravity”, a song about mental health: “Leave me air, I can be good and I’m cool I swear. I just take a while to settle in, but you’ll love me once you know me if you know what I mean.”


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