Clamb - Earth Mother Grapefruit

Mint 400/Raining

Boston Avant Garde indie-synth jazz band CLAMB was born out of a Dadaist desire to create music free from societal norms of perfection. To exercise artistic free will and achieve real happiness outside the constraints of society driven by commercial art and the lie of “content creation”. They dig deep into the groove of soulful American music from the infinite James Brown and Alice Coltrane to the aether of seventies European krautrock pioneers like Cluster and Harmonia to patiently sketch foreign landscapes from the ground up. Clamb are devoted to keeping an attitude of acceptance and exploration in their largely-improvised songs, choosing a direction and exploring its corners and nuances to tell stories without words.

Clamb’s tonal palette features Peter Danilchuk’s cornucopia of analog synths blissfully wiggling through the changes, (or not), Jameson Stewart’s mythical gold-glitter-encrusted fretless bass sending terrestrial energy rippling through a rogue’s gallery of cheap pedals, all pinned together by Joshua Merhar’s playful drumming that constantly eggs the band onward to new hemispheres of groove. Clamb hopes they have cornered the market on the Venn diagram intersection of 60s psych nerds raised on Soft Machine Volume 2 and their kids who have spent the past decade gorging on Brainfeeder and listening to Meshuggah with their friends after nights out. It is Clamb’s distinct wish that each performance from their debut album “Earth Mother Grapefruit” function as a Polaroid of the exact moment of its creation, never to be repeated quite the same way ever again, remaining both pensive yet hard-grooving all the same. Clamb is the newest addition to Mint 400 Records sub-label Raining Music, a label dedicated to instrumental, cinematic and jazz music.


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