Chickasaw Mudd Puppies - Fall Line

Strolling Bones

“Age makes them seem elemental: they’re a force of nature, conjuring a primordial boogie.” – Rolling Stone

“There is a punk energy that hits you, and you can imagine knocking back a shot of bourbon as you pound your fist to this delightfully vicious romp.” – Glide Magazine

“A fun, raucous, melodic joy” – Michael Stipe

“‘Fall Line’ is a dish best served in a small, packed, sweaty club with a glass of bourbon in your hand surrounded and being crushed by others doing exactly the same. It feels very authentic indeed” – Americana UK

“Transporting listeners to another time and place, these swaggering, boot-stomping tunes call to mind red clay, dirt roads and high humidity.” – Flagpole

Let’s get right down to brass tacks, y’all: the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies are back! And if you’re not excited about that, you either don’t know what you’ve been missing or you just ain’t quite right. Their brand spankin’ new record Fall Line is a high-octane distillation of all the sound and the fury and the supercharged heart and soul that made this crackerjack combo oh so rip-roaringly great from the get-go. It hoots and it hollers and it hearkens smack-dab back to when they kicked off the decade in Southern-fried style with their red hot debut EP White Dirt, following it up like white lightnin’ with their last barn-burning full-length 8 Track Stomp.

Crazy thing is, um, well, that decade was the ’90s. Yep, it’s been a minute, as the kids might say these days. Matter of fact it’s been upwards of 16,819,200 minutes – flat out 32 years – since the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies put a record together. But lo and behold, brothers and sisters, come to find out these boys hands-down haven’t missed a beat. If anything, Fall Line full-on eclipses its own intrinsic brilliance as an incendiary showcase of their spectacular return to form, shining like a vibrant creative rebirth rather than some run-of-the-mill reunion. Like fiery-eyed cicadas that have at last returned to the earth’s surface and freshly shed their shells, the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies are screamin’ out their unmistakable call louder and livelier than ever before. (continue reading full bio on our DISCO)


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