Charlie Houston - Bad Posture [EP]

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“… casts back to timeless memories of fumbling early romance—first kisses, messy breakups, and short-lived flirtations are all soundtracked by weightless indie pop and R&B stylings”
 – Under The Radar

“It’s a striking debut, an unguarded, ultra-personal tapestry—stories of heartbreak and struggle, sung in her soothing, signature voice” 

“‘Things’ is an unadulterated look at youthful insecurities and unrequited affection. Over a somber but punchy backdrop, she delivers an evocative performance that is ripe with honesty” – EARMILK

Over the past few months, Charlie Houston has shared a handful of singles including “Lately” which spent some time on the CBC Music Top 20, and her collaboration with ODESZA, “Wide Awake”, which landed on the Spotify Viral chart. Today, the celebrated songwriter is ready to share the details of her new EP, Bad Posture, out October 7, 2022 via Arts & Crafts.

“All these songs focus on different emotions that have a direct effect on my posture,” says Houston. “When I’m sad, anxious, nervous, or confused my posture gets worse, and I clench my jaw. I hold so much of my emotion in my neck and jaw. The songs on Bad Posture touch on many of the same concepts as my first EP, I Hate Spring, such as relationships, anxiety and growing up. However Bad Posture focuses more on the ending of things I found.”

“Lately”, “Dinosaurs in the Garden”, and “Falling Out”, are all about “the feelings surrounding the end of a relationship,” explains Houston. “Not a bad ending in the way that someone did something wrong, but just a natural ending or loss of feelings. In my experience this sort of dissolution is almost worse because there is no event or action to blame. Feelings just naturally faded away and that’s a sad thing.”

Today, Houston is also sharing the new single, “What Do We Do Now?”, a track that is similar in its concept being about the ending of a relationship however, “it is more about the natural growing apart of two close friends,” says Houston. “There are times where as friends two people grow apart and it’s no one’s fault, it just happens. But it’s f*cking sad. And it feels like there should be something you can do to fix it but in my experience I just found myself confused asking what do we do? But there’s no you can do other than hope that one day you find yourself back in each other’s lives.”

Currently, Houston is on the tail end of a mammoth stadium tour with ODESZA and later this year will be joining JUNO Award 2022 Artist Of The Year, Charlotte Cardin, for another run dates throughout Canada.


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