Bluechannel - Lookin’ At Life Through Dirty Glasses

Mint 400

Mint 400 Records is excited to present this re-release of a classic North New Jersey Post Punk epic Bluechannel’sLookin’ At Life Through Dirty Glasses” available for the first time in the digital age. This release includes the original CD release as well as bonus tracks from one of the better bands of the late 90’s to come out of the same scene that later brought you bands like Gaslight Anthem, My Chemical Romance, The Front Bottoms and more.  At the time the band was being courted by Drive Thru Records among others as they became a staple in the Hoboken, NJ scene selling out the legendary club Maxwells multiple times. If this release doesn’t make you nostalgic for your Marshall JCM 900, Doc Martens and wallet chains, then you probably weren’t old enough to go to shows in the late 90’s in North New Jersey.

“Debut album from the New Jersey Emo/Indie-Rock five-piece Bluechannel, one of America’s best-hid secrets. Their sound is quite hard to nail down, I guess if you were to combine Samiam, The Get Up Kids and Penfold you wouldn’t be to far off the emotive rock that Bluechannel produce.” – Drowned In Sound 10/10

“Since forming in 1992 Bluechannel has led a torrid existence. In 1998, after a year and a half long breakup, the quintet resurrected itself, making the post-punk world a better place once again. Sometimes internal conflict and breaking instead of bending can stimulate young rock bands. Bluechannel proves that point with a cat-scratch, double axe attack, fevered drumming and clearly enunciated vocals, recalling some Board-certified indie rock version of the Foo Fighters. These Jersey boys know how to rock, emanating a rowdy, twenty-something, blue-collar vibe. Lookin’ At Life Through Dirty Glasses releases far more pent –up aggression than a marathon drinking session after a stressful work week” – CMJ


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Samiam, The Get Up Kids, Penfold, Ultimate Fakebook
Explicit Tracks
#2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12 (Clean edits include in downloads folder)