Blood Command - Praise Armageddonism


Praise Armageddonism is a sonic flurry. It mixed high energy hardcore with higher energy pop punk. Blood Command are an incredibly unique band that will make you want to dance and fight someone.” – Metal Injection

“This sh*t bounces without stopping, and effortlessly merges pop punk, hardcore, and tons of other various musical influences into something packed to the gills with momentum and grinning nihilism.” – Metal Sucks

Blood Command look set to reach another level.. Your album of the year is coming” –Rock Sound

Nikki Brumen just took this band from fun to essential. Finally Blood Command’s live show mirrors the full-throttle eccentricity of their records. See. This. Band” –Metal Hammer

“With their new singer Nikki Brumen, the norwegians have not only found a frontwoman bursting with energy, but also their emotional figurehead” –FUZE

“the stream of praise for Blood Command will not stop with the fourth album ‘Praise Armageddonism’” –SLAM

Blood Command’s creative rebirth is certainly something of a revelation” – Kerrang! (4/5) 

Blood Command against the world. It is these five words that Yngve Andersen and Nikki Brumen live every moment; the mantra that guides Bergen, Norway’s “death pop” quintet spiritually and sonically, and which forms the soul of their fourth full-length record, Praise Armageddonism.

“A lot of Blood Command’s music thematically draws on the Heaven’s Gate movement,” vocalist Brumen begins, referencing the sect that began in the 1970s and ended with the mass suicide of 39 members in 1997. “A lot of people refer to it as a ‘cult’, but they called it a religion. Heaven’s Gate, which was headed by Marshall Applewhite, believed they would ascend in a space ship and leave the planet together. Blood Command’s music explores the theme that if you’re with us, you’re with us until the end.”

Blood Command have in recent years developed their own ever-growing and fiercely loyal following – who Brumen and guitarist Andersen refer to as the “Awake Team” – through three preceding full-lengths of hook-laden punk laced with an alternative pop sensibility. Ghostclocks, its follow-up Funeral Beach and third album Cult Drugs also earned the band ever-increasing critical acclaim to match, too, and projected Blood Command onto sharing stages alongside the likes of Refused, Gallows, Biffy Clyro, Kvelertak and more.

Praise Armageddonism is only set to cement the reputation of the quintet – completed by guitarist Benjamin Berge, bassist Snorre Kilvaer and drummer Sigurd Haakaas – as one of rock music’s most dynamic forces, with new arrival Brumen serving as the unearthing of the missing piece of the puzzle. (continue reading full bio on DISCO)


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