Alexz Johnson - Seasons

Laydee Spencer Music Inc.

Freedom, is how I would define this musical season of my life. Mirroring how the seasons are free to be what they are, when they are. Just as life will break you, mold you, take from you, and give to you, this album is a compilation of songs from my own seasons.. death, birth, growth and pain. Now, free from corporate chains, I’ve created this music from my home, in hopes that when people listen to this album, it can be a source of healing throughout all the climates of their emotions, as it’s healing me through mine. – Alexz Johnson

With tenacity like Alexz Johnson’s, there’s no question that independence reigns in the music industry, despite what you’ve been sold.

Independent Canadian singer/songwriter and Gemini-Award winning actress, Alexz Johnson is based both in NYC and Toronto, Canada. Lending her soulful sound and passionate songwriting style to both film and TV (Disney’s So Weird, Instant Star, Pretty Little Liars, Blue on HULU), Alexz has garnered a massive and loyal international fan following. After a 4 season run portraying musician Jude Harrison (lead) on The N’s hit TV show Instant Star, Alexz dove straight into focusing on her music and touring career, raising $67k through Kickstarter to fund the release of her Skipping Stone EP, as well as her first sold out American tour. In ’14, Alexz’s fan base again showed overwhelming support and raised $60k on PledgeMusic to help fund her album Let ‘Em Eat Cake, produced by David Kahne (Lana Del Rey, Regina Spector) which become a winner in the International Songwriting Competition for best music video, Ruthless Love. Today, Alexz is gearing up for the release of her much anticipated 5th studio album Seasons, out April 7th, which has been fuelled and funded entirely by her thriving Patreon community. Seasons was written and recorded remotely at Alexz’s home studio during the pandemic, enlisting Australian duo Paul Beard and James Lewis (DISRUPTIVE ENTERTAINMENT), on production and mixing. Alexz continues to work independently in both music and film, holding true to her sound and vision as an artist, and is looking forward to her west coast, east coast and EU/UK tour dates set for April & May, ’23. See dates HERE and contact us with any requests!