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The Shabby Road Sessions

We The They Release The Shabby Road Sessions
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What do Keifer Sutherland & Blaine Thurier of The New Pornographers have in common? They're both fans of We The They! (Check out their quotes below.)

So, who are they?! We The They proudly waves the flag of a modern indie rock band heavily influenced by such vintage staples as The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Beatles, and The Mamas and The Papas. You can hear those influences in We The They's music, especially in the harmonies. Formed by singer Robert Wayne in the summer of 2001, the band also consists of Matthew Tyler(guitar/vocals), Peter Pantina(bass/vocals), Michael Romeo(drums/vocals), and Anthony Crisano(keys/vocals). The group's location and time is divided between Coney Island, Upstate New York, and Philadelphia.

In the early days the easiest meet up point was actually a barn in New York. This practice space was on property surrounded by horses and a very questionable dog that might have been a wolf. It was here that the group would practice through freezing winters and unquenchable summers to begin work on what would eventually be their first record, This Is What's Coming. This 8 song EP included the opening track, "Start the Hop" which quickly began receiving radio attention throughout the country.

Hitting the road in support of the album, the band eventually met up with Producer Roger Greenawalt (Ben Kweller, The Pierces, Adam Green) and began work in the studio on a 3 song EP, The Shabby Road Sessions. The limited release of 1,000 copies quickly sold out in the U.S., where it has since been released digitally.

We The They have performed with such acts as Adam Green and Guster. Catch them live in a town near you when they go on tour this summer before finishing up their full length, set to release in Fall of 2009.

"The EP is a throwback to a time when rock music was something that was quirky and fun, a time when rock wasn't something that you could force yourself to dance to, but demanded that you dance to it". - Darren McLeod, Absolutepunk.net

"It's so rare that somebody asks us to check them out and it sounds so good. Damn good." - Blaine Thurier (The New Pornographers)

"From country and beach boys influenced 4-man-guitar-band brings you back the surfboards and the summer breeze." - TBA Magazine
"Booze is on me tonight mates" - Kiefer Sutherland.

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