Vulture Whale


Vulture Whale
Vulture Whale
ADDS 1/27/09

"...these Alabama club rats rock like Kings of Leon minus the ass-waggin'." - Spin Magazine, Dec. 08

"Vulture Whale have perfected a formula here of quirky lyrics matched by a punk rock energy on top of the easy melodic, rockabilly hooks. Buy this album, draw the curtains, lock the doors, and air-guitar away as you bounce on your bed." - Power of Pop, Nov. 08

“There is a new sound brewing in the Old South. Birmingham, Alabama Vulture Whale is angular power pop just as indebted to the vibes of black-leather-jacketed Tom Verlaine and Lou Reed as they are to their Dixie homeland.” - Pop Culture Press

“...pure rock and roll goodness where rockabilly, classic Southern rock, and indie rock live together in a secretive polygamist marriage.” -Erasing Clouds

“Really great indie rock from Wes McDonald. Kinda like Polak run-up with Dinosaur Jr.”
-Hybrid Magazine

DIRTY: #5 - TRY: #1, 3, 9

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