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The Dø
Paris/Helsinki Duo, The Dø, Give The U.S. A Mouthful

"Tammie" Released For Free Download

U.S. Tour This Fall!

Paris/Helsinki duo, The Dø (pronounced like the musical note "do") are about to release their European hit album A Mouthful (on Get Down!) in the States on July 14th. Preview the album with "Tammie" which they've released for free download. Lead singer Olivia Merilahti (Helsinki) and multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy (Paris) first met in 2004 when they were asked to work on the soundtrack for the movie, Empire of the Wolves. Two more films and one ballet later, The Dø was born. They come together with influences ranging from Thelonious Monk to Nico, Björk to Muddy Waters, Michael Jackson to Joanna Newsom. Thus, creating an album that doesn't fit too pretty into one mold (folk, dance,blues, rock, etc), all while hitting the right key with all types of music fans. Proof? Without a lick of French on this album, The Dø made it to #1 on France's pop charts. Hear why with the single "Tammie" and the music video they made for "At Last" (see below). And, keep an eye out for US tour dates this fall!


Much a do about The Dø:
"Singer Olivia Merilahti combines sounding mardy with a delicate chirp" - Guardian

"Constant unexpected twists at every turn an Olivia's sumptuous vocals, provide the backdrop for a duo that demand experiencing for yourself." - NME

"They whizz up a weird but delicious cocktail of ingredients, including cartoonish electro-punk, guitar tunes, brass and string flourishes" - London Metro

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