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The Acorn
Glory Hope Mountain
Paper Bag

Paper Bag To Release The Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain In the US
An Epic Tribute To A Mother’s Life Journey From Honduras To Canada
Release Date: March 4

Toronto’s Paper Bag Records is very pleased to announce the release of Ottawa band The Acorn’s newest album, Glory Hope Mountain. Out on March 4th in the US, this ambitious album is an homage to lead singer Rolf Klausener’s mother, Gloria Esperanza Montoya. Based on interviews recorded in 2006 and recorded over 9 months, the sometimes haunting, sometimes exuberant tones of Glory Hope Mountain follow both hope and tragedy in Montoya’s native Honduras – a mother dying in childbirth, flash floods, an abusive father – and an ultimately life-affirming move to Montreal in the 1970s.

An intensely personal and heartfelt record, Glory Hope Mountain is part historical narrative and part surreal fairy tale. It follows The Acorn’s acclaimed 2004 full-length, The Pink Ghosts and stellar Tin Fist EP, and was recorded in a rented house in Ottawa by recording engineer Jarrett Bartlett (of Little Bullhorn Prods ). Featured on the album are members of Ohbijou, The Wooden Stars, Flecton Big Sky, Fiftymen , and many others.

Glory Hope Mountain has earned critical praise throughout Canada and the US, including cover features in Exclaim! and The Ottawa Xpress (shown), who called it “incredible.” Vue Weekly called this release, “a stunningly intimate album”, Pitchfork said it was “epic and satisfying,” Stereogum called The Acorn’s music “subtly sweeping and agreeably melodic,” and Coke Machine Glow claimed it to be, “an album bejeweled by its details, consistently listenable and saving some of its most accessible moments for last, it’s tough to let go of what I had long considered a local secret. Make your hometown proud, boys. We’re rooting for you.”

Listen to the first mp3 Download available off the album for “The Flood, Pt. 1” here

The Acorn is the ongoing musical project of Rolf Klausener, Jeff Debutte, Keiko Devaux, T. Jeffrey Malecki and Howie Tsui. The band will be touring the US in the 2008 as well as performing at SXSW.