Spinto Band

Spinto Band

After seven self-released albums, and the worldwide release of their album Nice and Nicely Done, The Spinto Band is in the prime vein of musical prowess and ready to launch their eight upcoming full-length Moonwink. Their latest recordings, produced by Dave Trumfio and mixed by Tchad Blake, forge The Spinto Band’s ability to interlace rich, textured guitars, unconventional orchestration and multiple-part vocal harmonies into exciting new pockets of indie-pop. It’s quirky, energetic, radiant, and aptly engaging. Utilizing their skewed approach to song-craft that brings to mind a contemporary coagulum of, Bacharach, Beatles, Berlin, and Bowie their songs can send its listeners careening into the heights of lysergic bliss or provide the catchiest vibes to rattle your bones to.