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The Soft Hands
Hours Pass By
Fidotrust Records

The Soft Hands Release Hours Pass By
Taking Their Time Riding the No Wave
Long Beach, California's spazzmatics, The Soft Hands are releasing Hours Pass By in late October on Fidotrust Records. Mostly by accident, The Soft Hands are riding the No Wave, while organically channeling their influences, such as: WIRE, Siouxsie, Spoon, Camper van Beethoven, Bauhaus, and Minutemen.

Formed back in 2005, The Soft Hands are Matt Fry (vocals/guitar), Casey Stuht (drums), C. Elizabeth Lindsey (bass/vocals). But, don't call them a 3 piece band, they're more like a family, living, breathing, sleeping music. under the same roof. Matt explains: "When you're in a family, you don't always think the same way and value the same things but you're bonded together by blood and history, so you move forward together and stick together and find ways to come together. In some ways, our band is like that. We did not seek out people who thought the same way or wanted same things musically and have an obvious template to choose from. We got together and decided to stick together and now we each put out our own energy and find ways in each song to harness it and unify it."

"I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. The Soft Hands were anything but quiet. There music was loud, energetic, and technically amazing."
- Rock Insider

"Long Beach's The Soft Hands are jangly and nervous and exciting -- everything that you like about older SoCal acts like The Minutemen, but fresh and new."
- Radio Free Silver Lake

"Head-spinning, pulse-quickening, all thoughts swimming together like a rapidly accelerating cyclone: Take that sensation, but spin it in a positive, non-panic-attack-inducing light."
- OC Weekly

"The Soft Hands smash together all of the best rock mythologies and ideologies: Mission of Burma, Pere Ubu, the Minutemen."
-The District Weekly
The Soft Hands "Harbor"