Small Sins–Mood Swings–Astralwerks

Small Sins
Mood Swings

Mood Swings, the new album from Small Sins, starts with a bang—literally. “If you give me the gun, well, I’ll shoot myself in the foot” are the first words on the album sung by Small Sins frontman/mastermind Thomas D’Arcy. He doesn’t stop there. Nearly every song on Mood Swings ricochets with gun imagery—a stunning contrast to the album’s hypnotic tapestry of shimmering electronics, organic instrumentation, and D’Arcy’s ongoing quest for the most shameless pop hooks possible. “It wasn’t on purpose,” D’Arcy explains, claiming that, other than a short stint in his university gun club, he’s no firearms enthusiast. “It’s a good metaphor for what I was trying to say this time. A loaded weapon is something anxious: there’s always the underlying potential to explode.”
TRY: #1, 6, 7 – DIRTY: #4