Sally Shapiro Remix Romance Vol.2

Sally Shapiro
Remix Romance Vol.2
Paper Bag Records

Paper Bag Records is pleased once again to give the world more of Sally Shapiro! After Sally’s DJ debut and first set of public appearances on North American shores, her 2007 debut Disco Romance will now get double the remix treatment with the release of Remix Romance Vol. 2, a second remix record of Sally’s acclaimed album, set for digital-only release on June 17. This second round of remixes is scheduled to follow April’s release of Remix Romance Vol. 1. As previously admitted, Sally and Johan found it very difficult to decide upon a track-list due to the overwhelming volume of good quality remixes that she had to choose from for the original Remix Romance. There were over forty remixes to choose from and with Remix Romance Vol. 2, Sally vows that no first-rate remix will go unreleased!