Russian Circles–Geneva


Russian Circles
Suicide Squeeze
ADDS 10/6/09

Unite three musicians – playing three unique roles; each compelled to move in the direction of what is timeless, to draw on history and take from where they’ve grown and from the traditions of music made decades ago – and you’ll craft a moment, a Rite of Spring, a new foundation akin to what Russian Circles have accomplished on their third album, Geneva.

"Russian Circles’ development from album one to two wasn’t without beyond-their-control factors muddling the mix, so you leave this record confident that, when they hit their perfect, natural stride, album three is going to be a legendary release. These wandering riffs, devastating drum rolls and rollicking motifs will stick with you, but primarily to serve as an appetite-whetting taste of where their makers may venture next." - Drowned in Sound

"Although they can easily unleash a wall-flattening torrent of instrumental math-metal, Russian Circles have always favored a more refined approach: Heavier moments—generally moments, not full songs—build gradually and dissipate organically. After all, the band hails from Chicago, where the post-rock scent of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake still lingers in the air. The style can satisfy both camps: Rockers get their metallic fix, and the post-rock crowd can soak up the atmosphere." - Onion A.V. Club

TRY: #1, 3, 5, 7

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