Preak Faeans


Preak Faeans
Wintering Out
ADDS 8/4/09

"Freak Paeans (AKA Preak Faeans) is a secret person. His identity is not disclosed...I think it is fitting that a secret person sounds like a cross between Elliott Smith and early Devendra Banhart. Both of those people feel half-secret, half-made-of-secret. So here's the whole-secret version, glimmering hard. I wonder what it feels like to be a secret person, living in a shabby hut on a hill, wind blowing through. I wonder whether the sun feels different, when you're secret; or the moon. And when falling in love feels like a kind of joke." -

RIYL: Karl Blau, Mount Eerie, Devendra Banhart (circa Nino Rojo), Eef Barzelay
Try: #1, 7, 3, 4, 12

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