Mint 400 Records Presents: Patchwork
Various Artists
Mint 400
ADDS 9/9/14

Mint 400 Records does not represent the typical label. A label built for the technology age where as most of our artists record their records right at home in their basements and bedrooms. This compilation shows the wide range of the Mint 400 roster as bands like Yes Sunshine, Shallows & Cropduster offer up loud rock and on the other end of the spectrum is mellow delicate songs from The Duke Of Norfolk, Dave Charles & The Maravines. You can hear everything from throwback 60’s style songs from artists like The One And Nines & Jack Skuller or the shoegaze fuzz of Sink Tapes and The Smith’s like Poppy’s Field. Mint 400 Records has always been about one thing, good songwriting. We hope you enjoy this compilation from our new and old artists of previously unreleased material.

Sink Tapes- New Brunswick, NJ indie DIY shoegaze/indie rock
Yes Sunshine- UK loud brit rock in the vein of 90’s bands like The Vines, The Hives, etc.
Poppy’s Field- UK artist who mixes jangly Smith’s-ish style with folk
Fairmont- NJ indie rock veterans
The Duke Of Norfolk- delicate folk sung with an Irish accent
The Maravines- Indie folky, mellow in the vein of Nada Surf, Rogue Wave, etc.
The One and Nines- Throwback 60’s Motown, always recorded analog
Jack Skuller- Young 60’s throwback to Beatles early work, features Ira Elliot of Nada Surf on drums.
Murzik- Russian folk artist presents a piano ballad with male & female vocals
Dave Charles- acoustic folk with upbeat rhythms and great storytelling
Shane Vidauri- Lead singer of The Ashes solo with a folk / electro song
Ted Dancin!- Fairmont side project with Sam Carradori on lead vocals
Shallows- Members of Fairmont, Hero Pattern & The Minus Scale, music veterans making loud rock
Tri-State- jangly pop punk/indie rock from Maplewood, NJ
Cropduster- NJ indie veterans from the 90’s release unheard new material
The Multi Purpose Solution- Indie from the early 2000’s, NJ scene veterans
The Mai 68’s – Lo Fi UK pop band performs a live song

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