Mister Tom


Mister Tom
Party in Survival Shelter 37B
Mint 400 Records
ADDS 3/28/17

Party in Survival Shelter 37B is the debut album from Mister Tom, a singer-songwriter currently based out of Los Angeles. Mister Tom has previously appeared on Mint 400 Records releases from The Ashes, The Old Glorys, and Shane-Michael Viduarri, playing a wide variety of instruments under his stage name Tom Hanslowe. Recently, Mister Tom has been heard in a number of apartment complexes playing with his new band The Bits and Pieces.

The songs were written over the course of a year in Somerville, MA, and explore a wide variety of pressing contemporary issues, such as clandestine cookouts, UFO abductions, and post-apocalyptic dance parties. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jeff Briggs, a visual artist and musician currently residing in Boston. Jeff also lends a hand on electric guitar and keyboards, along with his Nascent bandmate Libor Hadrava on drums.

RIYL: Violent Femmes, They Might Be Giants, The Ashes, The Old Glorys
TRY: #1, 2, 3

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