Milk Carton Kids


The Milk Carton Kids
All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do
ADDS 7/10/18

"Tastefully arranged, high-spec country-folk introspection." - Mojo

"Their best album, ever" - Rolling Stone, DE (4/5)

"Magnificently harmonized" - Variety

"The Milk Carton Kids have managed to expand upon an already fantastic sound and create a truly special album that will define them as a band." - Uncut

"Impeccable harmonies and melodies of that intertwine wistful and romantic stylings." - Glide (8/10)

The Milk Carton Kids’ fifth album, All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn’t Do arrived from ANTI- Records on June 29. The new project marks the first time that acoustic duo Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale have brought a band into studio with them. “We wanted to do something new,” Pattengale says. “We had been going around the country yet another time to do the duo show, going to the places we’d been before. There arose some sort of need for change.” “Musically we knew we were going to make the record with a bigger sonic palette,” says Ryan. “It was liberating to know we didn’t have to be able to carry every song with just our two guitars.”

“Sometimes in singing, we’ll switch parts for a beat or a bar or a note,” Ryan says. “And things start to obscure what is the melody and what is the supporting part.” A third presence rises out of their combined voices. “There are only so many things you can do alone that allow you to transcend your sense of self for even a short period,” Pattengale says. “I’m the lucky recipient of a life in which for hundreds of times, day after day, I get to spend an hour that is like speaking a language only two people know and doing it in a space with others who want to hear it.”

Produced by Joe Henry (Joan Baez, Allen Toussaint, Billy Bragg).

RIYL: The Barr Brothers, Shovels & Rope, Dawes
TRY: #3, 8, 2

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