Mike Chick


Mike Chick
More Sh*t To End Up In A Landfill II [EP]
Mint 400
ADDS 10/22/19

More Sh*t To End Up In A Landfill II” is at heart a headphones record. Recorded on a cassette 4-track in a borrowed A-Frame cabin in the Poconos, Mike Chick documented a batch of acoustic songs he had been playing live for over a year. That name may sound familiar as Mike Chick is also the frontman and singer of the Asbury Park duo Yawn Mower.

In addition, ambient sounds around the property were recorded to include birds chirping, wind chimes and snow falling. Together these songs and sounds paint a portrait of Chick’s experience alone in the woods, which was equal parts beautiful and terrifying.

So carve 16 minutes out of your day to put on a pair of headphones (preferably the ones that cover your entire ears) and take a walk through your local park or backyard with “More Sh*t To End Up In A Landfill II”. It’ll be great.

RIYL: Yawn Mower, Jeff Tweedy, They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes
TRY: #1, 2, 3

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