Matt and Kim-Grand


Matt and Kim
Fader Label
ADDS 1/20/09

"Matt and Kim (their real names) come on like a punked-up Mates of State -- a couple so cute that you'd walk away from their frantic live shows feeling mushy, if someone hadn't just mushed you. But the love songs on their second album are for their home borough of Brooklyn as much as for each other. The tap-dancing keyboards and pounding drums of "Daylight" and "Don't Slow Down" soundtrack the duo's reflections on what it's like to be poor and young in the city, where your fire escape is your backyard and your summer wardrobe is your spring wardrobe plus scissors."- SPIN

"Some two years in the making since the release of their self-titled debut in the fall of 2006, Grand finds the duo of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino not too far away from the simple drum and keys dance tracks that brought them to the fore in the first place. Even though there's been a sharp increase in the band's notoriety since the recorded their debut, their sophomore outing is literally a bedroom record, recorded in the bedroom of the house Johnson grew up in, and according to the band's blog, the only people to complain about the volume of the group's playing were the cows. Grand indeed."- PREFIX

TRY: #1 ,3, 6

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