Latvian Radio


Latvian Radio
Seven Layers Of Self-Defense
Belpid Records
ADDS 2/3/09

"....Though like (Brendan) Benson and even Elvis Costello, Westoo combines clever, intelligent lyrics with accessible melodies. Exuberant indie-pop for those dreary rainy days when twee cannot relieve the pain. Heartfelt, clever lyrics and sonically intelligent, the boisterous Latvian Radio relishes and underground garage sound with the feel of sunshine pop.  Music as both entertainment and art. Truly the best variety." - Amplifier Magazine (2008)

RIYL: Brendan Benson, Replacements, Elvis Costello
TRY: #1, 2, 5, 7, 14
(and the PJ Harvey Cover, #3)

Full Album Available Here: