In New York, Everything is Tropical
Green Label Sound
ADDS 2/3/09

- The Tripwire recently called Kuroma a “genius at work” and that “his performance was gushing with confidence.” The NME simply says,"he's an unlikely hero in the making" and called Kuroma's three-piece ensemble one of the 'Top 10 Bands of CMJ."

- Lead singer and founder Hank Sullivant is an ex-member of The Whigs and a former touring member of MGMT.

- "In New York, Everything is Tropical" mixed by Rich Travali, who has worked with Pharrell, Jay-Z and Nas.

- "Kuroma is the brainchild of Hank Sullivant, a man you may have come to know as former bassist for the Whigs and recent touring guitarist for MGMT. Having spent much of his musical career as a piece of these two indie music giants, Kuroma’s debut release Paris is the first true fruit of Sullivant’s labor. Although it’s undeniable that he brings some of MGMT’s poppy psychedelic vibe to his latest project, Sullivant gives Kuroma a style of its own..." - MTVU

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