Jon and Roy–Another Noon


Jon and Roy
Another Noon

Jon and Roy Release Another Noon October 13th

"Another Noon" Available For Free Download

Victoria BC's Jon and Roy should already sound familiar to you. Maybe it's because you have a friend with one of those names, perhaps their campfire crooning reminds you of Nick Drake and Robert Francis, or you could remember their song "Another Noon" from the VW Commercial it appears in, or maybe it's the YouTube video they made with classic cartoons clipped to sing their track "Little Bit of Love"... Either way, Jon and Roy are a friendly and force that you will stay familiar with long after they self-release Another Noon on October 13th. Preview the album with "Another Noon" or all 3 Tracks the band has released for free download here:

Jon and Roy began playing music together years ago. Jon was deep into reading about the Politik and Roy was reflecting on the striking similarities between apes and humans. The first few years were spent stoking up a local fan base and developing as musicians. In 2005, Jon and Roy recorded Sittin' Back and went about spreading the album anywhere their beater cars and gig money would take them. A hiatus would follow in 2006 allowing Jon to record his solo album After a Trip and Roy to get acquainted with a full drum set.

After reconnecting with Stephen Franke, the producer of Sittin' Back and After a Trip, the duo finally realized that making music is a must and their careers as beer brewers, teachers and chefs could wait. Their second collaboration Another Noon was released in summer 2008 in Canada (out in the United States in late fall of 2009), has piqued the soundbuds of listeners worldwide, launching their laid back tunes from London to Sydney. Since its Canadian release, Jon and Roy have toured Canada from coast to coast, toured through the UK with fellow Canuck Buck 65 and be prepared for sightings all over the USA during the next year. This years highlights include performing at the Ottawa Bluesfest, the Juno Awards, Telus Ski and Snowboard festival, Vancouver Jazzfest, Northern Lights festival, Sunshine Music festival and many more. Jon and Roy have shared stages with Xavier Rudd, The Beautiful Girls, Mother Mother, Hawksely Workman, and are intent on sharing the music that the National Beat describes as "disarming and artful" with listeners in the States. To fill out their sound, Jon and Roy talked bassist Ryan Tonelli out of becoming a film maker and became a trio in 2008. They also draw upon a stable of instrumentally minded musicians to keep the music fresh and dynamic. Drawing inspiration from the mountains and islands that surround them and their friends and fans, Jon and Roy look to continue writing songs from the heart, motivated by the drive to create, perform and inhabit the music they love and play.

Another Noon will be distributed in the US by Burnside Distribution: America's favourite independent music distributor