In A Mellow Tone


Mint 400 Records Presents: In A Mellow Tone
Various Artists
Mint 400 Records
ADDS 10/6/15

The newest collaborative effort by the Mint 400 Records roster is an astounding live, mostly acoustic compilation. This compilation of various artists does the one thing that most labels just can’t do, it shows how talented they are by providing these live tracks as it’s proof. Recorded over the summer of 2015 in various spaces each artist puts new spins on their tracks and overall sound. This compilation provides the audience with a mellower, more delicate side of the Mint 400 roster although an act or two (The Maravines & Jack Skuller) still wanted to shake things up by playing clean electric guitar renditions of their tracks.

This compilation speaks to these special talents all collected under the one common roof of Mint 400 Records. These songs and bands are very special and prove that they are all true musicians who don’t need the studio tricks that other bands need in order to sound perfect. So enjoy the tracks you already know from these great bands but recorded live and stripped down to their bare bones.

This compilation features: Sink Tapes (New Brunswick, NJ), Young Legs (Bloomfield, NJ), The Duke Of Norfolk (Edinburgh, England), Underlined Passages (Baltimore, Maryland), The Maravines (Union City, NJ), Jack Skuller (Weehawken, NJ), Fairmont (Hawthorne, NJ), Netorare Fan Club (Queens, NY), Stephaniesid (Asheville, NC), The Clydes (Asbury Park, NJ) & Worried Well (Portland, ME)

Try: #1, 2, 5, 7, 9

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