Immaculate Machine-High On Jackson Hill


Immaculate Machine
High On Jackson Hill
Mint Records
ADDS 4/14/09

Immaculate Machine is tuning up for the release of High On Jackson Hill, due out on Mint Records, April 28th in the US and Canada. Their last album Fables (2007) drew critical acclaim for the band, yet they still decided to go back to the drawing board for this upcoming release. Instead of going into another stale recording studio, Immaculate Machine decided to record High On Jackson Hill in the basement of songwriter Brooke Gallupe's childhood home. Rather than meticulously tracking each instrument and vocal one at a time, they opted for full band live recordings, revealing a more relaxed and spontaneous side of Immaculate Machine. Colin Stewart from Hive Studios (Black Mountain, Destroyer, Cave Singers) recorded these sessions.

"...tackle the tenuous stage of young life when quests for knowledge are pushed aside by harsh realities, offering well-intentioned advice to navigate these moments. It's a pious sentiment indeed..." - Pitchfork

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