Hammer No More The Fingers
Looking For Bruce
Churchkey Records

Hammer No More The Fingers Release Looking For Bruce
Churchkey Records, April 7th 2009
Free MP3 Released for "Shutterbug"

Hammer No More The Fingers hail from Durham, NC, but on their upcoming full-length debut, Looking For Bruce, (Churchkey Records, April 7th), the band channels greats from all over the States. The Casket Lottery, Cactus's, Pinback and even riffs from Small Brown Bike all seemed to have tattooed impressions on the minds of Jeff, Joe, and Duncan, aka Hammer No More The Fingers. Talk about loyalty, these guys have been playing music together in some form or another since they were kids - 10 years old to be exact. The boys formed the final line up of the band we know them as today, Hammer No More The Fingers (or HNMTF for those whose fingers hurt from typing that name so much.) In the intervening 2 years these ambitious young men have played over 150 shows across the southeast, as well as a few stints to Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and NYC. They also released a critically acclaimed EP on NC's Power Team Records (Stereogum picked HNMTF as a "Band To Watch").

In May of 2008, the band traveled to Magpie Cage Studios (Against Me!, Murder By Death, Yeasayer, Speaker Speaker, Rahim, etc) in DC to record this debut full length, Looking For Bruce, with Mr. J Robbins. Robbins has captured perfectly the impressive dynamic range that makes it hard to believe there are only 3 guys in the room; as well as the volatile combination of pure reckless energy and refined artistic ambition that is a signature of HNMTF's sound. These boys write catchy riffs and marry them with crunchy-around-the-edges melodies to create an intoxicating cocktail of slightly off-kilter rock music. To celebrate Looking For Bruce, HNMTF has released "Shutterbug" for free download. Check it out, and let us know what you think!


"College rock in that best old-school, early '90s sense, though it goes some place else with it, too. - Stereogum

"Stickley's drums are always tasteful, never throttled, and Hall's guitars never overpower, often preferring the sweet spots of cleanliness... Good to know that solid stuff like this from Durhamites this young still exists. And works." - Robbie Mackey of Independent Weekly

"I love what these guys are doing. Their sound is just straight up indie rock that's laced with energy and dipped in a vat of pure catchiness. " - Side One Track One


HNMTF on The Road:

Jan 29 - Tir Na Nog - Raleigh, NC
Feb 06 - Rock&Roll Hotel - Washington, DC
Feb 07 - Guido's - Frederick, MD
Feb 13 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
Mar 18 - Talking Head - Baltimore, MD
Mar 20 - Charleston - Brooklyn, NY
Mar 21 - TBA - New York City, NY
Mar 22 - 709 Railroad St - Johnstown, PA
Mar 24 - Lager House - Detroit, MI
Mar 25 - Silvie's Lounge - Chicago, IL
Mar 27 - TBA - Nashville, TN
Mar 28 - Kingdom of Mike - Birmingham, AL
Mar 30 - Tasty World - Athens, GA
Apr 03 - VIKING STORM I - Durham, NC
Apr 04 - VIKING STORM II - Durham, NC