Half Acre Day–Fourteen Trips Around The Sun–Self-Released

Half Acre Day
Fourteen Trips Around The Sun

For years Half Acre Day have been experimenting with an alchemy of sounds and words. With the new release that has resulted, Fourteen Trips Around the Sun, released on November 13th of 2007, Seattle musical group Half Acre Day hope to save the world.
“A forward-looking widescreen pop band that evokes the magnificence ofpeers like The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Jayhawks & Grandaddy.” -Kevin Matthews/Power of Pop
“Psychedelic indie folk is what you’re getting, both contemplatively introspective, a la Built to Spill, and Ween-like in their silliness.”-Chuck Foster/Big Takeover
RIYL: Flaming Lips, Wilco, Built to Spill, Ween
TRY: #1, 2, 4