Good Latimer


Good Latimer
Go Where It Snows
ADDS 4/24/18

Good Latimer makes a bold statement with their debut album. Based out of Dallas/Fort Worth TX, band members Aaron Salinas, Michael Klym, Michael Zaring and Samantha Klym began writing and playing together as students at the University of Texas at Austin. In between graduating, joining the workforce, and for two of them, getting married, the group managed to flesh out some of their songs and record an album – the result, an all-encompassing musical dissertation that refuses to be categorized.

Go Where It Snows is a fearless exploration of musical styles and tastes. Upon hearing it, one doesn’t know what genre to label it as – indie pop, folk, rock? The record evades classification. On one track, the band is a reggae outfit with steel drums and a clavinet – on another, an experimental psych-rock band awash in heavy reverb and echo. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that a different band is playing on each song, especially given the fact that all four members take turns singing lead.

With such complexity, it’s hard to believe that the album was made at home. Produced by Richard Salinas (School Bus Music), the songs were recorded using DIY equipment in emptied bedrooms and an RV. Ultimately, the lack of studio influence is undetectable, which is pretty impressive given that some of the songs have three or more movements and feature more instruments than you can count.

Underscoring this stylistic variety is an omnipresence of vocal harmonies and musical hooks. The group always uses their voices, and the songs they sing are catchy and melodically compelling. If the album is eclectic in style, it’s also cohesive in positive themes and good songwriting. The album is enjoyable to listen to, and there’s something about it that’s unpretentious and playful. Good Latimer was formed in a messy college apartment with four students jamming and talking about their favorite artists; this spirit of camaraderie and musicality shines through. One feels like part of the family with this album, which isn’t too far off given that two of the members are siblings and another two are married.

Overall, Go Where It Snows is a strong and adventurous first album. It’s the audacious spirit of a band unwilling to be defined and unafraid to occupy various artistic spaces. For Good Latimer, the future's just as bright as it is multi-colored.

RIYL: Matt and Kim, Walker Lukens, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Vampire Weekend
TRY: #1, 2, 3, 7, 4

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