Gentleman Reg


Gentleman Reg
Jet Black
Arts & Crafts
ADDS 3/31/09

"Gentleman Reg's name represents truth in advertising... no one around is more of a gentleman, and no one could ever be Reg but Reg...a truly unique, funny, romantic, melancholy, delicious person...who makes truly unique, funny, romantic, melancholy, delicious music." - Torquil Campbell, Stars

Its reassuring to me that Reg is still being creative and at it 12 years later and it feels good to know that one of my first musical comrades is being celebrated now for his great talent and art." - Timothy Kingsbury, Arcade Fire

"All the songs on Jet Black have channeled deep into my brain, especially, "You Can't Get It Back", which has become a dance party favorite on our tour bus. Sincere and memorable, the melodies and lyrics make this a front runner for most exciting record of the year (on my ipod). - Sara Quin, Tegan & Sara

Try: #1, 2, 4, 11 - DIRTY: #3, 5, 7

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