Derek Webb–The Ringing Bell–INO

Derek Webb
The Ringing Bell

“Pop masterpiece from songwriter whose name might not ring a bell, calling “the ringing bell, easily ones of the years best…” …The Ringing Bell, Webb’s fourth solo album, is also his masterstroke. Over the past few years, he’s tried on numerous genres for size- foot-shuffling alt. country, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-inspired noise collage, pared-down singer/songwriter folk- but he’s finally realized which sound fits him best: all of them. Add to this mix a band capable of delivering scrappy, devil-may-care rock ‘n’ roll. Then it seems Webb asked himself, “What would a band that claimed to be bigger than Jesus do?” …Paste Magazine – 5 STAR Review
RIYL: Elliott Smith, Pedro The Lion
TRY: #2, 3, 4, 6