Cloud Nothings


Cloud Nothings
Didn't You 7"
Old Flame Records
ADDS 7/6/10

"Not unlike lo-fi acts Harlem or Sleigh Bells before them, Cloud Nothings bring the fuzz in all the right ways and have more of the melody you hear with Harlem than the noise you hear with other contemporaries like Sleigh Bells. Cloud Nothings hail from Cleveland, Ohio and even though we are skeptical that much good comes out of Cleveland, these dudes continue to be a bright light in an otherwise murky city. (wink)" - Each Note Secure

"Cloud Nothings surprised me with their smart, briskly-paced pub punk. Not a slow song in their set. The frantic drummer kept them propelled while the rhythm section's other half spurted out consistently witty basslines. Their proficiency wasn't the only selling point though. There were with plenty of hooks and sharply crafted songs plotted through the headnodding speed." - Brooklyn Vegan

"Here's the catchy title track and A-side to Cleveland power-pop machine Cloud Nothings' latest 7", which drops today on Old Flame Records." - Pitchfork Forkcast

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