Calico Horse
Banter Records

Born out of the ashes of the now retired band The Clock Work Army, Calico Horse is a new line-up, but has lost none of its song writing prowess due to the fact that it is still fronted by Clock Work’s singer and co-songwriter, Emily Neveu. Aside from Emily Neveu, Calico Horse shares another common thread with Clock Work as bassist Petti has returned from a 6 month hiatus filming the national tour for the band Augustana to re-join Emily onstage. Calico doesn’t miss a step with the acquired services of Goodbye Blue Monday’s guitarist Matt Mournian, another big score for Calico was the coup of Comfortable for You drummer Tom. Following the May 2008 release of the Calico Horse album, we’ll see them hit the road and win over fans with a nationwide tour. The band has been doing plenty of TCBing on their own, opening for indie behemoths Helio Sequence, Yeasayer, MGMT, The Black Heart Procession, Dead Meadow, and Beach House, among others.