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Blue Eyed Blacks
Black Eyed Soul
Chicken Ranch Records
ADDS 1/20/09

Nashville’s Blue Eyed Blacks (a name originally derived from The Jesus & Mary Chain lyric), are releasing their debut album, entitled Black Eyed Soul, this October on Chicken Ranch Records. After seeing his fair share of insanity in the music scene, frontman and musical mastermind Jason Moon Wilkins decided to do things his own way. Together with Producer/Engineer Neilson Hubbard (who has worked with artists such as Aaron Robinson and Glen Philips) , Folk-rock artist Garrison Starr, Vocalist Betsy Roo (who co-wrote the Dolly Partton song "Jesus & Gravity"), Justin Townes Earle (Bloodshot), Billy Mercer (Ryan Adams), Rollum Haas (The Features, Brendan Benson), John Deaderick (Patty Griffin) and a slew of other artists, Wilkins has spent almost two years putting this record together. Jason Moon Wilkins has certainly seen some ridiculous incidents during his music career. Back in his first band, The Rest, he experienced everything from major label attention, to a tour cancellation as a result of the drummers girlfriend selling his drumkit for crack and a show stopped because the same girlfriend confronted said drummer with a loaded gun mid-set, and lead singer Kevin Travis' incarceration as an accomplice to second degree murder (whew...). At the climax of it all, Jason decided to make the move to Nashville alone at the age of Twenty. He made himself a regular fixture in the Nashville music scene, playing on multiple albums by Josh Rouse, Garrison Starr, Neilson Hubbard, Kate York, and fronting 90's Dedicated Records band (Spiritualized, Beth Orton) Toybean (which experienced it's fair share of record label drama). After a long break from performing, Jason has finally returned, this time forming his own music project, and recruiting those he had worked with in the past to help him with his dream, Blue Eyed Blacks.

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