Billy Bragg–Mr Love And Justice–Anti

Billy Bragg
Mr Love And Justice
ADDS 3/18/08

From the esteemed egalitarian Billy Bragg comes his Anti- Records debut Mr. Love and Justice. Considered “a national treasure” in his native England, Bragg has long been a cult hero in the US, releasing consistently celebrated solo records and recording with everyone from Wilco to Less Than Jake. In his two and a half decades of carrying the torch, Bragg has melded the folksy populism of Woody Guthrie with the anger and indignation of the Clash, and both are perfectly encapsulated on Mr. Love and Justice. Over the years, Bragg has concerned himself with social justice, but never losing sight of the power of the personal relationships that hold us together and are capable of bringing about the kind of redemption that outstrips even the greatest political movements, sentiments highlighted on opening track “I Keep Faith”. Songs such as “O Freedom” and “Farm Boy” are classic Bragg: mercilessly perceptive, yet hauntingly personal in the manner of their storytelling. Other tracks such as “If You Ever Leave” and “You Make Me Brave” find Bragg unguarded and personal. On Billy Bragg’s most mature record to date, the title says it all.

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