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Argyle Johansen
Argyle Johansen

NYC's Argyle Johansen Releases Self Titled Debut

RIYL: Nick Drake, Matt Kearney, Simon & Garfunkel

Preview the album with "Sunny Day In Hell"
Some days an alter-ego, others, a four or five piece band; Argyle Johansen is the evolution of one John F. Wentz. Formed in a tiny bedroom studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York several years ago, Argyle Johansen began with the simple desire for self-expression. Thoughts, ideas and feelings seeking outlet gradually blossomed into rich, bright songwriting that exposes the heart of a true music aficionado with its seemingly effortless mixture of organic pop and folk music - and a few other delightful ingredients.

Since starting as a solo project in 2007, Argyle Johansen has grown to include the ever-steady foot-tapping cadence of Sam Merrick (percussion) and David Kross (bass) with the dulcet tones of multi-instrumentalist Taylor Galassi (cello, accordion and glockenspiel) joining the effort on stage.

You may already know Argyle Johansen, their song "Sunny Day In Hell" has been featured on Showtime's Californication. They were also featured on BreakThru Radio as their artist of the week!