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Apostle of Hustle
Eats Darkness
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ADDS 5/19/09

Apostle of Hustle is the creation of Andrew Whiteman. Whiteman is a Canadian musician and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. After a series of groups and musical projects he had during the 90s, Andrew was invited by Leslie Feist to collaborate with herself and what was then essentially the the core of Broken Social SceneBrendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Justin Peroff. The chemistry was successful and Whiteman became one of the band’s four members to consistently appear in every tour.

"Andrew Whiteman, Broken Social Scene guitarist and Apostle of Hustle bandleader, is not an apostle, he's a hustler of hospital-cornered quilt of breezy, bouncy pop, with all of his more famous band's overlapping propulsion, but little of its chaotic bliss." - Pitchfork Media

TRY: #2, 3, 5, 8 - DIRTY: #10
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