Ancient Babies


Ancient Babies
Put Me Back In The Sunshine
Mint 400
ADDS 3/6/18

Ancient Babies is the new project from Ben Morss, the brains behind international indie-pop faves Onward Chariots.  Put Me Back in the Sunshine is their second record. It’s a dance record as if made by a progressive, theatrical, gonzo electroclash rock band.  Put Me Back in the Sunshine wants you to dance!  But it doesn’t want you to turn your mind off when you’re on the dance floor.  

The tracks:
Na5: just another prog-dance harmony-fest that inspires the listener to rebel against their life and the world
Get Me Out of This Party: an industrial-strength dance song about other annoying dance songs
You Didn’t Know Me: an intricate new-waver about guilt in love, just like Prince used to do, only way more elaborate, and not sung by Prince
Put Me Back in the Sunshine: a dreamy number about how to find hope when there is none
Rolling like the River: to conclude, an old-fashioned political garage rocker that sounds nothing like the rest of the record

The album was recorded in the attic of a house in New Jersey and on a couple of airplanes.  Ben recorded and played everything, and Bryan Russell (Paul Simon, Starlight Run, Envy on the Coast) co-produced and mixed it in Nashville.  It will be released on Mint 400 Records on March 2.

Onward Chariots' records earned praise, airplay and glowing reviews from Italy to Brazil. They landed two European tours and played at legendary indie-pop festivals like Indietracks (UK) and Athens Popfest. The band released a single on beloved Spanish label Elefant Records.  Ben has also played keyboard on albums by Cake and Wheatus. His poppy punk band, The Pilgrims, charted on college stations across the U.S.  Ben even co-wrote Angelina Ballerina, the Musical

RIYL: Onward Chariots, The Pilgrims, They Might Be Giants, Cake, Ben Folds, Adam Green
TRY: #3, 2, 1

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