An Horse


An Horse
Rearrange Beds
Mom & Pop Music
ADDS 3/10/09

"Started in the basement of an indie record shop, this clever and efficient Australian duo have experienced rapid success, scoring a U.S. deal via tourmates Tegan and Sara and placing a song (the jagged, confident "Postcards") in a Mercedes commercial. Kate Cooper's tales of awkward, broken love and chronic miscommunication don't seem ripe for selling sedans, but her reedy voice and zippy melodic guitar, plus drummer Damon Cox's imperfect harmonies, keep things from getting too depressing. Clever/corny lines -- "Like that good Hole album / I can live through this" -- add levity, too." -

DIRTY: #1 - TRY: #2, 8 (and #1 on the edited version)

CLEAN and DIRTY Versions of the Album Available Here: