Young Legs - Rare Earth Dream

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Rare Earth Dream is literally the best album on Earth” – Vram Kherlopian | Gustaf

“‘Rare Earth Dream’ the song and album represent a pinnacle most artists don’t achieve, so for Young Legs you should start mentioning them in the same breath as The Shins, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes and other huge bands as their contemporaries.” – Blood Makes Noise

“With Rare Earth Dream, Young Legs has crafted a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and defies expectations, leaving a strong impression on the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.” – The Big Takeover

“If you’re looking for a lush, folk-influenced rock album then Young Legs is your man.” – Matthew Heiner | The Fire Note

“innocent, free and intricate handclap-worthy are Young Legs’ tunes. Honestly, in a world riddled with so much angst, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air!” – Jersey Beat

“Atmospheric and beautiful.”– Ryan Davis | Coffee Escapism

Donahue’s voice is simply fantastic and extremely easy on the ears.” – No More Division

Donahue shows off deft control of mood and impeccable melodic skill… From whispery folk to brash indie-rock, the songwriting here never falters.” – Independent Clauses

Young Legs is the musical moniker of queer NJ native and NY state transplant Steven Donahue. For over a decade, Donahue has been crafting a unique blend of whisper-quiet bedroom folk, blown-out garage rock, lo-fi curios, and hi-fi pop anthems, often within the same record. Self-recorded and produced, yet frequently collaborating with others, Donahue’s latest release, Rare Earth Dream, is a testament to his keen ear for sophisticated arrangements. Drawing inspiration from science, science fiction, love, longing, dreams, and reality, he aims to take listeners on a captivating journey.

The song “Rare Earth Dream” exemplifies Donahue’s artistic vision, merging the infectious energy of modern indie rock with the sophisticated chord progressions reminiscent of The Beach Boys‘ “Pet Sounds.” The track seamlessly intertwines complex harmonies and innovative structures, creating a lush, immersive soundscape. This blend of contemporary indie influences and classic pop intricacies results in a song that is both beautifully intricate and profoundly engaging. The track alludes to Donahue’s exceptional songwriting prowess, which is showcased on every track of this new record culminating in this final epic masterpiece to close out the Rare Earth Dream album.


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Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Blitzen Trapper, My Morning Jacket, Big Star