Yellow Pills - 47 Cowgirls

Mint 400

“Absolutely timeless. Genre diversity fuels what Ryan is doing as Yellow Pills. I love it.” – Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions

“The bizarre sense of humor with song titles however has nothing on the music, which will be appreciated by those of you who dig bands like Combustible EdisonThe VenturesGogol Bordello or Booker T among others. The project feels like it’s all encompassing of many genre’s and pulls them into a blender and spits them back out, sometimes in a mixed up fashion.” – Sam Lowry, Rebel Noise

Yellow Pills returns with 47 Cowgirls, a 21 song record that leads us through a wonderfully wild and at times wordly road with the most satisfying detours. If you’ve heard Yellow Pills before, you’ll smile and nod at how the sound has expanded while being true to the components that make Yellow Pills sound like Yellow Pills. You’ll also probably and gladly jerk your head wondering if what you’re hearing is the same artist. While every song is different than the one before, every song is still a vital thread to the eclectic and marvelously amazing world of Yellow Pills.


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Combustible Edison, Lettuce, The Limbos, Gogol Bordello, The Royal Arctic Institute