Various Artists - What's It Like To Be 50? (Fifty Years Of Cock Sparrer)

Pirates Press Records

We are saluting the great Cock Sparrer, who are celebrating their FIFTIETH anniversary as a band!

What’s It Like To Be Fifty? features an all-star lineup of The DrownsSuzi MoonPlizzkenGrade 2The RatchetsThe InterruptersThe Aggrolites, & The Bar Stool Preachers covering select songs from throughout the band’s legendary catalog!

This record is a surprise gift, from Pirates Press Records (and the eight bands involved) to Cock Sparrer, in celebration of 50 years as a band.

In the Captain’s words: “Beginning as a soundtrack to our communal adolescence, you have become family to me (and us) in the craziest of ways.

From that very first TKO cross-country USA weekender in 2000 to an aircraft carrier twenty years later; from chaos in Brazil to chaos in Eastern Europe, from Blackpool to Berlin to Vegas, it’s been an incredibly wild ride! Helping you tick off bucket list boxes one after another, the Pirates and I could not be more proud of a band for doing things the right way, YOUR way – and doing things truly for the love of it. You inspire all of us.

In that same spirit of doing things our own way, and showing how much you mean to all of us, here’s a little surprise for you. We hope you enjoy!

50 years is a milestone, but Cock Sparrer is FOREVER!”


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Cock Sparrer, The Interrupters, The Drowns, The Bar Stool Preachers
Explicit Tracks
#7 (clean edit on DISCO)