Tulsa–I Was Submerged–Park The Van

I Was Submerged
Park The Van

I Was Submerged is the latest EP from Boston’s Tulsa. As comforting and timeless as its songs essentially are, they retain a certain melodic eeriness about them that could leave you feeling unsettled, were they not so impeccably crafted. A dreamy concoction of reverberated vocals and sepulchral guitars layered upon fervent percussion. The most defining touch: perhaps the asymmetrical tones of a Fender Rhodes, which cascade throughout the recordings. Here’s what David Fricke had to say about Tulsa in a recent issue of Rolling Stone: “I Was Submerged (Park the Van), the Boston quartet’s new record, have actual choruses and bridges. Singer-songwriter Carter Tanton also examines loss and reunion with refreshing bounce. “I’m in love for the first time,” Tanton crows in “I Feel Great,” with no apparent irony. “It feels great/Thanks for asking.” But his indie-seraphim voice is not of this world — set in the same alpine reverb where Jim James of My Morning Jacket lives — while the iridescent bloom of the guitars is a quality flashback to the clean-twang and country-fuzz blend of the 1968-69 Byrds. ”
TRY: #2, 3