Tom Maroon - Lowflyers

Mint 400

Tom Maroon is an indie singer-songwriter and producer based in Albany, NY. As a solo artist, he has been performing professionally throughout the east coast and midwest since 2010. His high-energy music combines rock, punk, and musical theater influences into a uniquely cinematic and lyric-focused style. He has produced and self-released two solo albums, playing every instrument on both records.

Tom’s¬†third album, ‘Lowflyers‘ (his first release via Mint 400 Records), features his most colorful production and storytelling yet. Over its 10 tracks, he pulls more from 70s glam rock and soundtrack music than the lo-fi folk of his past work, delivering soaring choruses over dynamic song structures. But his love of sunny, carefree pop rock still shines through on singles like “Minnesota.” Throughout the album, the propulsive rock instrumentation hits as hard as the detailed and theatrical character portraits in Tom’s lyrics.