Thin Lear - Wooden Cave


Wooden Cave — easily one of the best, if not the best album of this horrifying year so far — does what so many of the best albums do. It creates a unique artistic statement that’s a pleasure to hear from start to finish but includes plenty of ugly truths and harsh realities. Matt Longo isn’t immune to the horrors of the world, but he knows how to wrap them up in gorgeous, lush, sophisticated songs.” – Chris Ingalls, PopMatters (9/10)

“Almost lullaby-like in its simplicity, [“A Simple Phrase”] begins with a gentle sigh and barely raises its temperature much from there, Longo’s voice accompanied by a soft strum, a grand piano, and a subtle string-quartet backdrop which quietly illuminates the whole piece.” – Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

“At once hard to describe, but easy to grab onto…immensely satisfying. Thin Lear is extremely thoughtful in its combining of the five elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color, and form.” – Kira Grunenberg, American Songwriter

“An enigmatic cross between Belle and SebastianWilco, and Ben Folds…a master of his craft…as tasteful as indie rock gets.” – Zachary Keirstead, Earmilk

“The recordings are rich with unique musical nuance, conjuring up the insular worlds of Astral Weeks-era Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, and Shuggie Otis.” – Mike Olinger, The Vinyl District 

“His voice washes over you like a lullaby. It’s an honest portrait of a moment in time, punctuated by the content we lean into to make peace with the turbulence.” – Corinne Osnos, The Wild Honey Pie (WATCH THE WILD HONEY PIE “BUZZSESSION”)

“With a slight urgency to the mid-tempo groove, and a lingering air of elegant harmony, Queens-based Thin Lear brings us the theatrical expressiveness of Rufus Wainwright coupled with a roots-based rhythmic sensibility that just feels right.” – Krister Axel, ChillFiltr



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Jeff Tweedy, Fruit Bats, Vetiver, Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright
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