The Royal Arctic Institute


The Royal Arctic Institute
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ADDS 4/16/19

The Royal Arctic Institute are a New York trio playing an eclectic blend of cinematic mood music. The group formed in 2016 and released their debut record The French Method in 2017. The three members of the Royal Arctic Institute include John Leon (Roky Erickson‘s backing band), Gerard Smith (Phantom Tollbooth), and Lyle Hysen (Das Damen). The three members of The Royal Arctic Institute take a “post-everything” approach to their compositions while pulling from many different genres and sonic palettes.

"The Royal Arctic Institute joins the honored tradition of instrumental bands that know no genre -- think Tortoise, Solar Motel Band -- with a punk bent. Dreamy, fierce and only jammy when the jam calls for it." - Lars Gotrich / NPR

"totally dig this new Royal Arctic Institute album, sounds a bit like a more baked version of Pell Mell, well-cooked instrumentals that feel both casual and spot on" - Marc Masters / Bandcamp

"It is an instrumental album, but definitely not for background listening. This is “turn off the lights, sit in a comfortable chair, turn it up loud, and pay attention” music. And it rocks" - HMAG

"Windows are down, wind’s in our hair, and “Russian Twists” is our soundtrack, a jaunty instrumental post rock number propelling us forward as we’re entranced by the highway strip, crossing state line after state line, destination unknown." - TINY MIX TAPES

"​The post-punk, jazz instrumental trio return with 2 tracks of their genre defying, experimental, post-everything approach that’s as spellbinding as it is irresistible." - EFFECT REVIEWS

On TOUR now! Contact us with any requests!

(Included in the downloads folder is the Telekinesis remix of "The Lark Mirror" and the 2018 single "Russian Twists" b/w "Maystadt Process (BKGD Audio DD&G Remix)")

RIYL: CHON, Tortoise, Solar Motel Band, LITE, Elephant Gym, Battles, William Tyler, Telekinesis
TRY: #1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 12

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