The Hard Maybes - Thank You, I Think?

Telegraph Hill/Mint 400

The Hard Maybes are the sound of Pop Rocks being poured into an ice-cold glass of Coca Cola: sugary, effervescent, and often so intense that the cup runs right over! The sound is familiar and fun with just a splash of chaos.

Marrying 60’s girl-group gravitas with gritty indie aesthetics, The Hard Maybes can groove in a way no one else in the New Jersey scene seems to be able to do so effectively. And for that, they’ve earned a standout place within said scene despite only now releasing their debut EP, Thank You, I Think?

Lead vocalist Harley Cunha sings like the most left-swiped Disney Princess on the Internet; still hopeful but with a healthy grip on reality. Meanwhile, her band of beleaguered Prince Charmings, Brian Erickson (bass), Kyle Hahn (guitar), Andrew Ludewig (guitar/keys) and Matt Magnifico (drums) add their own disparate elements to square a peculiarly melodic circle. Rest assured, there are no Tinder Kings in these songs and the group’s no-effs-given attitude makes that abundantly clear.

Of its themes, Harley says the EP, “showcases being so firmly unsure in everything, living like there’s no regret, facing what those regrets ultimately are, and accepting the broken road we build that leads us into who we become.”

Thank You, I Think? drops May 24th with the very first collaboration between Telegraph Hill and Mint400 Records. Of said alliance, Harley elaborates “They have allowed us to expand on our opportunities and our reach in ways that I am endlessly thankful for. Having that invaluable guidance and experience on our side is really helping us reach our goals as a band.”


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