The Hails - What's Your Motive


The Hails take the blueprint and run with it, with the keyboard line humming along and each hook landing with the utmost conviction.” – Billboard

“It’s a fun ride, simultaneously feeling like a new direction for the group and an obvious next step for the Miami boys.” – Consequence

The Hails grip you not just with their irresistibly honeyed melodies — their beguiling R&B rhythms made electric by their varied genre influences — but also with their capacity for tugging the heartstrings with such precision through their songwriting.” – Grimy Goods

The Hails are setting the indie scene ablaze.” – Happy

Today, The Hails release their long-awaited debut album What’s Your Motive. In ten tracks, the Florida five-piece perfectly display their penchant for well-polished experimentation and all-consuming storytelling. The LP is an orbit of grief and reconciliation over growing pains, both individual and with each other.

Building their own DIY studio in Miami a couple years back, the band curated their creative environment from installing the flooring to collecting furniture potluck style. Much of the album was written and recorded during consistent gatherings in this space, a surprising setting for the refined sonics of What’s Your Motive. Out of The Hails HQ their debut album was born, surely making enemies out of their retail neighbors.

Describing What’s Your Motive as an album born out of necessity for the band, their frontman Robbie Kingsley said, “We have very strong emotions towards each other. Sharing a common goal doesn’t mean that you always see eye to eye. There are days when we legitimately hate each other and there are other moments where we couldn’t imagine a life with anyone outside of the five of us. It’s a weird brotherhood that we’ve adopted. This is a key theme in telling the story of the record because we’ve gone over so many bumps in the road emotionally just to get here.”

What’s Your Motive is a progressively zooming out view of what happens when you break the cycle of complacency, an album with a worldview that expands as you listen further. Beginning with the opening track “Caligula,” titled after the famously cruel Roman emperor, the enemy at hand is introduced – you. Naming himself Caligula by the end of the song, Kingsley sets up the question of why am I killing myself and still not happy? He notes, “It’s weird how you can almost work against yourself in a way that actually progresses you forward.” (continue reading full bio on DISCO)

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